Watch What Happens When 2 Men Try To Rob A Restaurant Where An Off-Duty Cop Was Eating At! WARNING: THE VIDEO IS SHOCKING!

CCTV footage of an off-duty policeman defending customers of a restaurant from two robbers who were shot to death has gone viral.

The video shows two robbers on a motorcycle wearing helmets covering their faces approach the restaurant and tell the customers to hand over their valuables and money.

Fortunately for the customers, an off-duty cop in civilian attire was in the restaurant when the incident happened. The cop responded immediately and began firing his gun at the would-be robbers. They tried to escape but the policeman was able to subdue them, killing them as a result.

According to the person who shared the video, the first criminal was shot dead on the spot while the other one died at the hospital.

Many people praised the heroism of the policeman who remains anonymous.

“Galing tiyempo ng mga PULIS… Ok lang yan mga pulis, patayin nyu mga SALOT ng Lipunan” one netizen commented.

“Grabe na, kakain ka nalang sa restaurant may kawatan pang mang gugulo sayo,” another netizen exclaimed.

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