VIRAL: Woman Gets Bashed For Shaming A Guy On FB After Not Offering Her a Seat in MRT.

Chivalry is dead. Well, we are in time where everyone fights for equality. This goes to all gender, men, women, LGBT. We live in a time where being a ‘gentleman’ is a virtue not something mandatory.

But it seems like this woman knows nothing at all. The post of a certain Karla Monique Olandesca on Facebook became extremely viral after he called on a guy who didn’t offer her a seat at the Metro Rail Transit (MRT).

This angered a lot of netizens as they believe that the guy has been greatly disrespected and bullied. She was demanding a respect as a lady but she did the opposite with the guy. Some netizens commented that she can be charged of cyber-libel. Some called her judgemental as the guy may be tired of a long-day or may not be feeling well.

Meanwhile, Olandesca responded to the comments with a band that angered the netizens more. She said:

What do you think?

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