VIRAL: #WalangTatawaChallenge Videos! Here’s Why Everyone Is Accepting The Challenge!

An abundance of videos are making rounds on Facebook and dominating most of the news feeds: group of friends and families challenging themselves to contain their laughs until the video ends. The first to laugh or whenever someone laughs, the culprit will be punished by everyone inside the video. Everyday, people are tagging their friends to challenge them to create one of their own.

Netizens showed different versions of the video. Some are stroking the victims with empty plastic bottles, some are putting and throwing powder into their faces, some use pillows and while some gets slightly violent and gives them nudges on the head or shoulders.

Facebook pages like Filipino Vines, Filipino Dub, and Pinoy continues to spread funny versions of the video challenge.

The purpose of the challenge is to bring friends, families and even lovers together and share the fun with each other. Despite the unusual practice of the video challenge, we can really see that more and more groups are supporting it and uploading their own because of the unique happiness they get after the video.

After all, laughter is the best medicine right?

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