VIRAL: “Poor man” criticized for attempting to hitch in jeepney ride

A netizen on Monday shared that a man of almost fifty was criticized by passengers of a jeepney as he tried to hitch a ride.

VIRAL: "Poor man" criticized for attempting to hitch in jeepney ride

Photo from Facebook page: OFW Kalingawan

The man was dirty, had worn out clothes, and was shouted at by people because he refused to get off of the jeepney, according to the post.

The student offered to pay for the man’s fee, saying that it was hard to understand how society could treat the poor in such a cruel manner.

“Di ko lubos maisip na ginaganon nila ung tao dahil lang sa ganun itsura nya,” he said.

He added that the people should at least have some compassion.

The student said the passengers beside the man were trying their best to avoid him.

The man was dropped off at Legazpi, and the student, who remained anonymous, along with a lady passenger, offered him money.

The student took a photo of the man and had it posted on Facebook to raise awareness.

The post is has garnered almost 4 thousand hits as of press time.

Source: ofwkalingawan16
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