Unusual: New Yorkers Expressed Their Love And Support For PH President Duterte!

It is not unusual to see protesters walking around the busy streets of New York City, as it welcomes all types of people from all races.
This was especially evident when supporters of Duterte marched around the Philippine Consulate General in New York, with a diverse group of people like Filipinos and Americans as well.

#PartnerForChangeNY peacefully exhibited their support for change and Duterte’s fight against drugs and terrorism.
Jeanette Bocobo-Marco from “I am Pinoy Newsroom” and Netizen Emma Lapinig Alamin Weiss posted the live video on Facebook, and was cheered on by many Duterte supporters over the internet from all over the world.
The group believes that President Duterte is doing the right thing in suppressing the drug problem up to the point that it is now, so that drug traffickers will surrender.
The New Yorkers admire the President’s bravery and believe that there is hope for the Philippines.

News also broke out in New York when anti-Duterte fanatics protested against the President being anti-human with all the human rights that he is violating.
This protest happened last month.

Source: TNP, PinoyTrending
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