Saab Magalona to Duterte supporters: ‘More reason for me to call this admin gross; you will not silence me’

Actress, singer, photographer and blogger Maria Isabella Simone Arroyo Magalona-Bacarro or known as Saab Magalona is the daughter of the late Francis M. and a member of the indie rock band Cheats. On Twitter, she couldn’t help but air out her thoughts regarding the EJK’s and the recent deaths of minors in Duterte admin’s drug war.

Reacting to PNP Chief Ronald ‘Bato’ dela Rosa’s statement about how he never received any orders to kill from the president, Saab on September 4 tweeted various headlines quoting the president saying otherwise.

She followed it up with another tweet: “Shall we ignore the other headlines? Lahat nalang joke. KADIRI. [disgusting]”

And on September 9, after receiving a deluge of hate, she told Duterte supporters: “Duterte supporters can send me insults, death threats, rape wishes all they want. More reason for me to call this admin gross.” And on the same date, she ended it all with “You will not silence me”.

Engagements and replies to the tweets continue to pour.

Source :Twitter, GMA News, Pep, kickerdailySource :Twitter, GMA News, Pep, kickerdaily
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