READ: Mayor Sara Duterte Reply to Journalist Raissa Robles Tweets

Veteran journalist Raissa Robles and Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio are in a social media feud. Robles, who is an outspoken critic of our president, asked if any of President Duterte’s family visited the evacuees in Marawi in her tweet. This passive-aggressive tweet caught the attention of Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio, daughter of President Rodrigo Duterte.

This implied challenge caused the mayor to respond to Raissa Robles with an intent to burn. Naming Robles, Feather B, Inday Sara says that she is the mayor of Davao city, not Marawi or Iligan or Cagayan de Oro.

The mayor further says that she is not like Robles who is “seeking attention.” If her local government did extend help to Marawi through giving them goods or relief supplies, it is not Robles’ business to know. She also says that Davao’s local government has no obligation to report their actions to the journalist.

Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio says that yes, their city hosted evacuees but they made sure that the displaced families will not be sleeping in cement floors or gyms. The local government also did their master list and debriefing. DepEd was also contacted to help with the evacuated children.

Mayor Duterte-Carpio pushes their feud even further by calling Robles a ‘chismosa’ and asking the veteran journalist what actions she has taken to help Marawi victims aside from tweeting about it.
This isn’t the first clash of the mayor and the journalist. Robles also criticized the mayor for issuing guidelines to her constituents without Martial Law even being declared.

Below is their exchange sourced from Philippine News:

RR: “But Sarah Duterte is NOT the President of the Philippines.She can’t issue guidelines without that pc of paper called Martial Law declaration”

ISD-C: “I am Mayor of Davao City. Hindi mo kasi binasa ang sinulat naguide for DABAWENYOS. Palibhasa hanggang twitter ka lang. #featherweight”

RR: To those asking, here was my reply to Mayor @indaysara yesterday. I respect her as mayor, the highest peace & order officer in Davao City.

“True you are Mayor, Maam. Your guidelines restricting civil liberties can’t be issued ahead of release of ML declaration.”

Source: tnp
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