Pulis Binaril ng Riding in Tandem Patay! WARNING Graphic Video Footage Included!

A police officer was declared dead on arrival after being shot in Binan, Laguna. The police officer was ambushed while he was riding his motorcycle. The victim was identified to be SPO2 Ricardo Infante. Ricardo or “Carding” was ambushed in Tulay Bato, Barangay San Antonio at around 8 am on a Wedesday.

The police officer was on his way home from his duty when he was attacked by suspects riding in tandem. Police Officer Infante was rushed to the hospital but he couldn’t be saved. Initial investigation reported that he was shot in the head.

Binan police are conducting a follow-up investigation regarding the incident. No witnesses have appeared to name or identify the suspects.

Police officer Ricardo Infante was a member of the Police Assistance Center section. There are no reported motives for why Infante was shot and killed. Reports don’t say if this is a hit or if the suspects are randomly killing people.

The video shows a man in a white cap and red shorts shooting Officer Infante in the head in the bottom right corner of the footage. What’s worse is that an innocent child has seen the gruesome act. The suspect appears to be searching for something. We are not sure if he’s robbing Infante or not.

You could see that there were vehicles passing by but no one seemed to stop the suspect. In the last few seconds you see that the suspect rode with another man to get away from the crime scene.

We have not heard of reports or reactions of the slain police officer’s family yet. Although, we offer our deepest condolences to the victim’s family.

Watch the video but be warned that this shows a police officer losing his life:

Source: tnp
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