PAK GANERN! Vice Ganda Creates Game ‘Para Sa Mga Tunay Na Lalaki’. Watch Now!

Vice Ganda Creates Game ‘Para Sa Mga Tunay Na Lalaki’ To See Who’s A Real Man And Who Pretends To Be!

It’s Showtime continuously serves its purpose in bringing joy to everyone as Vice Ganda and other Showtime hosts creates a game that they claim to test whether a man is a man.

It all started when Vice Ganda insinuated that Jhong Hilario was looking at Vhong Navarro in an odd and ‘unmanly way.’

Although Jhong insisted that it was nothing saying: “Hindi kami talo” Vice still was not convinced.

“Anong gusto mong palabasin, na hindi kami tunay na lalaki?” Vhong asked in defence.

Vice Ganda’s further insistence led to him challenging the other male hosts.

“Patunayan mo sa akin na lalaki ka, kung talagang mga lalaki kayo dapat alam niyo laruin ang pinakabagong laro ng mga totoong lalaki,” Vice said.

The little joke between the hosts led to the “Pak Ganern” game craze that supposedly tests a man’s “manliness.”

Although the game doesn’t exactly prove anything, this will surely make you laugh anyway!


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