Netizen and Doctor slammed Paredes for blaming Duterte for the dengvaxia scandal

In a heated twitter debate that later migrated to Facebook, Netizens heavily grill Jim Paredes, a widely known supporter of the former administration under President Noynoy Aquino, for shifting the blame to current President Rodrigo Duterte in the controversial Dengvaxia debacle.

Not too long ago, it was revealed that the former administration may have subjected almost a million filipino children with an allegedly probable harmful drug that was supposed to function as a vaccine for dengue—the dengvaxia drug.

Jim Paredes through his twitter account tried to shift the blame to the current administration.

“Who really allowed the continuation of the DOH program despite issuing a resolution two months earlier that the vaccine is dangerous. Hello Dr Ubial? This is under Duterte. Not under PNOY. FYI.” He said in his tweet.

He was however met with army of Duterte supporters that were ready to defend their president from the heavy accusation.

Dr. Gary Sy points out the fact that the Dengvaxia drug was approved in 2015 and that the 2016 budget was still crafted under the previous administration thus removing the blame from Duterte.

“Mr. Paredes it seems you are twisting the real people behind the approval of Dengvaxia. It’s not even part of the 2015 budget for 2016. Better to know the real story first. You may inquire with Doc Willlie Ong.”

Other netizens seemed to have accused Paredes of being a Liberal Party financed critique of the current administration, calling his actions as a product of the pursuit of money.

In a Facebook post by Carlo De Leon, a netizen, accused Paredes to be self-righteous and he shifts the blame back to the former administration through the following statement:

Jim Paredes, are you saying that the Duterte admin should be held accountable? Wow naman! Parang the yellows can never make a mistake noh. Always perfect, claiming a monopoly on righteousness and good governance.

“Ang tanong ng bayan? Bakit binili at ginamit ng Aquino government ang vaccine Dengvaxia anti-Dengue vaccine knowing that Dengvaxia may be ineffective or may worsen Dengue symptoms for those who have not had dengue prior to vaccination. (Based on a report by WHO in April 2016, when Noynoy Aquino was still president).”

Source: newspunchupdate
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