Journalist: No hope for Leni’s ratings, LP now out of touch with Filipinos

Journalist Jojo Robles on his Facebook page said that the Liberal Party is now out of touch with the Filipino people and might have a hard time winning some of them back because of Vice President Leni Robredo.

Composite photos from Robles’ Facebook and PhilStar

“The Yellows are seriously out of touch with the citizenry, who clearly hate them, the causes they espouse and their new Cory wannabe, the Widow from Naga,” he wrote.

He mentioned the drop in Robredo’s rating in the December Pulse Asia Survey which showed that she was the official with the highest drop in ratings.

Robles said this was despite the fact that she was fired from the cabinet and was supposedly given public sympathy, as the LP painted her as a victm of a power-mad president.

He also said that the yellows tried to make a federal case out of the burial of Ferdinand Marcos in the Heroes’ Cmetery and made Robredo join the rallies to make her a heroine, but the ratings remained low.

“Upcoming surveys will cover Leni’s absence when typhoon Nina hit and the LeniLeaks debacle. There is no way that she will stage a comeback in the ratings game, given these two events. If anything, she will shed even more points in January than she did in December,” he wrote.

He said the Yellows should overhaul their entire propaganda team and try “killing an Aquino and make him or her new cadaver-martyr”.

“If that still doesn’t work, start planning this early for 2022. Hey, with all the work that needs to be done to win back the people, you’ll need all of that time to prepare.
Good luck” he said.

Source:, Jojo Robles
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