She’s Taking Her Selfie, Suddenly She Caught This Horrifying Incident!

HORRIFYING: A Suicide Incident Was Caught On A Selfie In Front Of the School Building?

In every institution or firm, there is always a terrifying story of people witnessing ghosts and other paranormal activities. Most of the times, a ghost is seen during the night when everyone else is in deep slumber. However, nowadays, it can be seen in broad daylight as well.

A girl was able to capture a shocking incident as she was taking a selfie during a sunny afternoon.

One of the followers of this woman noticed that there is something creepy in the background of her photos. It appears as if a security guard was hanging by his neck on the 2nd ground of the school building.

According to some of the school officials and teachers, there were reports about a security guard who passed away inside the campus long ago. Many people believes that this might be a message from the guard.

Source: TNP, NCatalyst
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