Finally MRT Man Accused as ‘Un-Gentleman’ Give His Statement!

The viral post regarding the man who acted ‘ungentleman’ for not offering his seat has now grew bigger and bigger to the point that the woman who posted this rant has already garnered multiple bashers.

What made her rant even worse is that she even insulted the man by saying that his facial features just fits his bad attitude.

It turns out that the man she just insulted is a working student and that he’s also tired from work, yet he still has to travel using the MRT for him not to be late for his classes.

Aldrin Ryan L. Alcon, the man who was posted by Karla Olandesca on her Facebook account, has now given a statement regarding this issue.
He apologize for what he has done and explained that he’s also tired that’s why he chose not to offer his seat.

The netizens then told him that he doesn’t have to apologize for what he has done and even told him that he just did the right thing.

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