The DOH has announced that the nationwide smoking will be implemented this July 15.

garding the effectivity of the nationwide smoking ban. According to the government office, the order will take effect this Saturday, July 15, 2017, once its implementing rules and regulations (IRR) is released to supplement the provisions of Executive Order (EO) 26 which was duly signed by President Rodrigo Duterte on May 16.

Assistant Secretary Eric Tayag said that they will be heavily imposing the ban starting Saturday.
“Starting Saturday, according to the Executive Order, the smoking ban should be implemented,” Tayag said.

“The Department of Health, from our latest dialogue with other agencies, we know the IRR is not needed, but since it is announced by our secretary that there was feedback where many did not understand the provisions of the executive order, having an IRR will clarify it,” he added.

“What happened was, there is no overall IRR. The Department of Health has its own IRR, other agencies have their own version of IRR. We hope to release one as soon as possible,”
he stated further.

In order to remind people regarding the implementation of the ban, Tayag encourages establishments to put up “No Smoking” signs within their vicinity.

“It’s much better if you put up ‘No Smoking allowed in this area’ so that you will not be given penalties or you might become an example for authorities or for those who monitor the implementation [of the executive order],” he said.

The official also mentioned that designated smoking areas should have an exhaust system installed for the smoke to escape properly.

“Remember there are safety features of it where it is not allowed to not just have a room for smoking but it should also have a buffer zone,” he said.

“Excluding the smoking area in which smoking is allowed, there should also be a space or room where smoke could exit. If you can’t (provide), don’t put up smoking areas since that is a violation of the executive order,” he added.

Source: tnp
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