Doctor says Dengvaxia is a proof that Aquino, Garin didn’t prioritize Filipino welfare

Former President Benigno Aquino III and former Health Secretary Janette Garin didn’t really have the nations welfare in the hearts, as seen in their distribution to 700,000 children of the Dengvaxia, a Dengue vaccine which turned to be dangerous.

She said this is because Aquino and Garin still pushed through with the project despite being warned against it by several experts, as the drug was yet to be verified effective in 2016, when the government insisted on its distribution.

“If Aquino and Garin really had in their hearts the welfare of the Filipinos, they would have been more careful. They should have listened to experts and be more circumspect and cautious.”

Pineda in her Facebook page,said that the vaccine had so much potential, however it was properly utilized.

“We have a vaccine with so much potential to save lives if used properly. The mistakes notwithstanding, it will continue to protect those who have had dengue and received the vaccine subsequently. We should be grateful for that,” she said.

“It is lamentable to see something that has been a product of so much research and studies, with the noble intention of helping people, used haphazardly so it does harm instead. What a waste,” she added.

Pineda said that the case is unfortunate…Read More Here>>

Source: thefilipinonews
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