14-Year Old Guy Was Beheaded By His Own Drug-Crazed Uncle! SHOCKING News!

A 14-year old boy suffered a horrifying death as his uncle who was under the influence of drugs allegedly beheaded him.

The incident happened in San Jose, Del Monte Bulacan where the father found the head of his 14-year old son buried beside a stream.

It happened around 7 PM when the suspect chased the victim. Three hours after, the victim’s body was found full of stabs, his head was missing.

“Hindi to kagagawan ng hindi baliw di ba? Kung matino po yung tao, gagawin niya ba to?” the father of the victim said.

Baliw na ‘to sa droga,” he concluded.

Fortunately, the suspect was caught in a follow-up operation at four in the morning where he was caught drinking coffee in a little store. He was then confronted by his cousin, the father of the victim, asking where he hid the head.

The suspect eventually led the way to a stream where he buried the head. However, he denied the allegations saying he wasn’t responsible for the death.

“Yung lalaking nandun o,” he said looking upwards when reporters asked who killed the victim.

“Bigla na lang yung sumulpot eh,” he added while seemingly looking for the said man.

He is currently under the custody of the PNP San Jose Del Monte headquarters while charges are being filed against him.

Source: TNP , GMANews
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