Dating AlDub Fan, Ngayon It’s Showtime Fan Na! Bakit Kaya?

The accidental pair up of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, otherwise called AlDub, truly had an enormous effect in the ratings of GMA’s Eat Bulaga. Their Kalye Serye fragment turned into an online trend practically everyday, which went on for many months.


Therefore, the rival show It’s Showtime lost some of their viewers on account of the popularity of AlDub.


But, as of late something happened the different way. A previous Eat Bulaga fan expresses the reasons why he switch to It’s Showtime.






Since the time that Eat Bulaga had an increase in their ratings, some of their hosts and fans got to be arrogant and rude towards the fanatics of their rival show. He asserts that these leave an awful impression in the entire cast of Eat Bulaga.

Additionally, some of their fans loves to bash others.

He included that the reason behind why he changed to It’s Showtime is that the entire cast were humble despite the fact that they lost some of their viewers. He further praised the show for coming to their sixth year anniversary in the industry.

Source: Chosentrends
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