CAUTION! How Kangkong Veggie Can Kill You?

A very common vegetable in the Philippines and liked most of people and animals is the Kangkong or also known as Water Spinach can be surprisingly deadly if it is not cooked well!

Kangkong grows rapidly in areas which are full of water and it is one of the delicious side dish and even included in famous home-cooked meals. However, it can be harmful to people.

Adobong Kangkong is often served in high-end restaurants and it is also served as it is but it is only dipped in a pot of water only in seconds so the crispiness of the Kangkong will still be there when it is served.


Well the problem here is, how it is cooked. Because if not cooked well, it can lead to a condition that is called Fasciolopsiasis.

There is a species which is called Fasciolopsis buski – a large specie of parasitic intestinal fluke that might be living in the watery areas which the Kangkong usually grows. These parasite place their eggs where the Kangkong grows. And the eggs will form in a larval cysts.


If you were not able to clean or wash the Kankong properly, the larval cysts will not eventually be wiped off. They will be digested by those who intake them. The larvae are being set out from the cysts then comes in to your digestive track and will eventually pin theirself in the walls of your intestine.

If this will happen, you may experience, abdominal pain, indigestion and other allergic reactions. Though we might think that these illnesses are very common, but who knows, it might be something serious. If this will not be taken care off immediately, flukes may multiply and can lead to a person’s death!

From now on, better cook Kangkong in a proper way and wash them neatly so that it won’t harm you and your family!

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