Amazing! Video Of Jhong Hilario In Makati Helping an Old Man Struck By A Motorcycle!

Previous Streetboys artist and performing artist Councilor Jhong Hilario was spotted helping an old man after he was keep running over by a bike close to the Magallanes flyover.

The video clasp was transferred on January 3, 2017, by netizen Richard Brocoy Gapasin on his own Facebook account.

The theatrical presentation have turned-lawmaker was taped squatting by an old man lying in the city. A container of water was set adjacent to the old individual as he laid his head on what gives off an impression of being a coat.

The Makati City councilor remained with the heartbreaking casualty and sat tight for paramedics to arrive.

The video has been shared many circumstances by netizens who adulated the endeavors of the previous Showtime have.

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