Alternative Ways To Avoid Getting Pregnant Without Using Condom.

Options are made available to the couple who wanted to engage in interc*urse but wanted to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Some of these options includes the use of contraceptives called condom. However, not all people wanted to use condom when they are having interc*urse.

Are you aware that there are other ways to avoid becoming parents immediately. By doing these steps, the risk of having pregnancy will be lessen.

Here are the options for you:

1. Withdrawal method: When the man is about to come, he needs to pull it out and place the semen somewhere else.

2. Use of birth control pills for women is one of the most effective way and a safe option for couples.

3. Know her menstrual cycle. It is advised to take interc*urse during the 8th and the 20th of her period to lessen the risk of being pregnant.

4. Have her install a copper T which is a device being installed in the uterus that is implanted by the doctors through a surgery.

5. A woman can undergo a sterilization process which is a permanent procedure that blocks the fallopian tube to avoid the fertilization of the egg.

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