6 Essential Benefits Of Sperm To Your Body!

Many people know that a sperm’s use is only to create an offspring. But based on the research and studies that was conducted by experts, it goes to show that engaging in sexual intercourse can do amazing wonders for the body not only on the outside but as well as on the inside.

Here are the benefits that are provided by the experts:

1. Anti-depressant
Experts from the State University of New York revealed that sperm combats depression. The study included 293 female college students who had contraceptives and those who did not. Those who did not use show signs of less depression.

2. Better Sleep
The sperm contains melatonin that is capable of providing relaxation and sleep.

Beautiful woman sleeping

Beautiful woman sleeping

3. Potent Mulitvitamin
A semen has over 200 proteins along with several vitamins and minerals such as calcium, fructose acid and citric.

4. Low Blood Pressure
Swallowing can help aid in lowering the blood pressure. It decreases the risk of having pre-eclampsia for women.


5. Prostate Cancer Risk
The sperm decreases the chances of male to obtain prostate cancer. According to American Medical Association, excreting out the semen does wonders.

6. Fire Extinguisher
The experts of Polytechnic University of Turin claim that the semen contains a chemical that could be used to fight fire.

Source: trendingnewsportal.com
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